Social Media Warriors

It is a common trend for people to jump on an issue and throw out their opinion about a topic without so much as a google search on the facts about said topic. Recently, I had to deal with people getting the undies in a twist about Starbucks hiring immigrants and refugees.

I do not have a problem with this. This is AMERICA! Our motto for as long as I can remember has been “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” I know that there is more to the passage on the statue of liberty, but this is the birth of what it meant to strive for the American Dream. I love that about this nation. We strive to make things better, or at least we did.

We used to support and help our neighbors. Now we cower or put everybody in there “place”.

We tweet our every whim.

We Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat ourselves into to “stardom”.

We used to look at facts and evidence in making decisions, now we just use excuses and different groups to try to justify making America a closed off world were those that had the luck to be born here are the only ones that can attempt to prosper.

The issue I have with the way this country is going is that for some reason the thought that a private company (Starbucks) would hire people that it wanted to (refugees and immigrants) and people have a problem with it. Instead without doing so much as an iota of research the first thing that I see on my Facebook wall is a meme saying that instead of hiring immigrants and refugees, they should hire veterans. STARBUCKS HIRES OVER 5700 VETERANS A YEAR. That is just during their veteran hiring campaign that they do publicly, not the official numbers of veterans that they hire. (So people don’t think that I am making this stuff up, I have supplied the link to their official site.)

Kim Davis, a government employee new the job she signed up for and what it entailed and no one bats an eye when she refuses to do it and the government would fire her. Or to stay in the realm of the private sector of employers, the cake shop in Indiana that refused to make a cake for a gay wedding was well within their rights.

Now I believe that the cake company was well within their rights to refuse the service of the gay couple. That’s fair and open trade. However my biggest issue with all the petitions and signs and social media backlash isn’t with the immediate response of either side of the argument, I have an issue with the opposing side not having a valid or legitimate counterpoint for the issue.

When Colin Kaepernick decided to peacefully protest the national anthem, people were outraged. When Black Lives Matter (BLM) had peaceful protests and marches in the streets, people were  outraged. I heard people throughout the media talk about the acts themselves and whether or not they agreed with them, but nobody was really discussing the cause for these demonstrations. And NOBODY who was outraged with them gave a better way to demonstrate their frustrations. Basically the opposition said that they should shut up and stop whining or worry about black on black crimes.

With all due respect to the opposition, this is bullshit. The use of Veterans and American Homeless for political talking points needs to stop. I am not saying that these groups don’t matter, but don’t tout these as major talking points when a group you don’t approve of is being helped. Veterans and the homeless have been dealing with deplorable services for YEARS, hell, DECADES now.  The same people that have been in power in state and federal governments have been using them as scapegoats for years, but have also turned down dozens and dozens or policies that would help. WHY?



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