The Roles of the News and Media Agencies

I have been trying to find the best way to say this, so I am going to do so without swearing, which is difficult, because this is getting exasperating. The media’s job is not to suck up or be complacent when questioning subjects of an article.

In regards to President Trump, I have this to say, “SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!”

For the entirety of the presidential campaign, you and your team have demanded more out of news agencies when reporting on the actions of President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and the rest of the Democratic party. Ignoring the fact that they WERE covering the Clinton Campaign, the fact that you have had so many different and questionable things happen during your campaign, led to more and varied news coverage.

After not giving a press conference for 60 days after winning the election, you don’t get to complain that the information that the press had was not accurate. It is up to you and your team to set the record straight.

Today, the White House decided to keep CNN, BBC, and other news agencies. Until I can walk into the White House and ask Donald Trump a question that I have, the news outlets are the only way that I can get the answers I want. That is the Role of the Media, to act as the voice of the people when questioning the actions and motives of the elected officials and especially those not elected. If you are under the impression that the media is supposed to be nice and kind to everyone, you should maybe pay attention to news as a whole and not allow your team to sugarcoat how you are really viewed in America.

For the people that claim to love this country and always preach about their second amendment rights and don’t have a problem with the president violating the first amendment, I question your loyalty to this country. I haven’t always agreed with the Presidents of the United States during my lifetime, but this is the first one that I outright worry about. I wonder what he has done to receive such blind loyalty from the “base”?


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