A few weeks ago, my wife and I went on a weekend trip to Virginia Beach so that I could participate in my first Color Me Rad 5k. This entry is about that experience and a critique of the restaurants that we ate at as well as the hotel that we stayed at.

The Friday before the run, my wife and I decided to look up some of the Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives) restaurant’s in Virginia Beach. We settled on Flip Flop Grill + Chill, which seemed like a nice simple location for dinner. We kept the order simple because we just finished a decent road trip and I didn’t want to get anything complicated. I got the Cowboy Burger, a normal BBQ bacon cheeseburger. The difference is they have an amazing chipotle mayo that made mixed with the BBQ sauce and it was an explosion of flavor. As good as this burger was, it paled in comparison with the sweet potato fries, which were thin shoestring style fries with one major exception.  They were crispy, which anyone that knows sweet potato fries knows that this is almost impossible because of the sugars in the sweet potato.

The next morning for breakfast, we decided to try out Citrus for breakfast, which apparently is a difficult place to get into. Luckily, there wasn’t a wait because there were two tables. My wife always lets the waitress or waiter know if it our first time at an establishment. The waitress was amazing, giving suggestions about what she liked and not just trying to up sale us on something that was more expensive. I ended up getting the Lump Crab Omelet without the tomatoes, while my wife got a healthy sweet potato pancake dish that was amazing. The crab omelet was amazing and packed full of crab with every bite. Definitely keeping up the traditions that they made famous on the Triple D Show.

The Color Run was fun, but very much not organized properly. The Color Me Rad in Virginia Beach for 2017 was not properly organized and held early in the days leading up to the actual event. The confirmation email that was supposed to be sent to the runners to discuss the early packet pick up and the run start time as well as general information about the event was sent out about 36 hours prior to the event. I will admit that the weather leading up to the event was far from advantageous, what with having tornadoes touch down less than 5 miles from the course and having torrential rain hit two nights prior. That being said, the promise of “colors galore” and “a nineties kids’ nickelodeon slime dreams coming true” were far from present. There was no slime coloring, no liquid coloring, none of the stuff you see in the promotional videos about people being “hype” really. Though, there was the powder pigment being thrown and sold before and during the run as well as a large “explosion” of powder pigment coloring after the run was finished.

As someone that was not sure about how this run was going to turn out, I went there with all white (except for my socks), as shown in the above photo. The run was fun if only because of the people that were completing the run as well as myself. The result of the colors I had on me while trying to get covered in powder is shown in the following photo. I’ll allow you as the reader to determine what you think.



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